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sometimes is to give the baby to lactating breast appeared some rash, these rash occurs mostly in the nipple or areola area, the prevalence between skin and healthy skin covered with a clear boundary, a little thin, scaly or crusted, skin damage to red brown, and erosion, itching obviously……

private photos 1:

breast pain can be light weight, many times with recurrent characteristics, especially in the breast before menstruation will increase; can reach multiple, nodular masses, softer, more brittle, can be seen in unilateral breast lump, also can have on both sides of the breast nipple, sometimes there will be overflow the phenomenon of liquid.

? on breast feeding rash

this is the acute suppurative infection of the breast, in lactating women, and the incidence of papillary dysplasia, duct obstruction, galactostasis or bacteria damaged by the nipple into lymphatic vessels caused by infection.

private photos: 2 breast pain recurrent

private photos 3: jump

started only breast swelling and pain, then the emergence of local lumps, tenderness, then affected the surface of the skin is red and hot, the gradual emergence of pulsatile jump pain, time is often accompanied by chills, fever, sometimes axillary will touch the enlarged lymph nodes with tenderness.

true POSE: breast eczema?

POSE: acute mastitis

Method of early onset

breast eczema is a common allergic rash to lactating women, these women often is allergic, and the disease may be recently eaten fish, shrimp, crab and other food related red hair, so to keep away from food allergies are known, the disease should be avoided after scratching. The disease usually in the baby after weaning can be self-healing, if prolonged healing may become a chronic disease, and should be differentiated with eczema breast cancer.

true POSE: cystic hyperplasia of breast?

can take local hot compress to ease the pain, the breast inflammatory mass in a few days to soften, abscess formation, deep infection need >

beautiful breasts, each woman is one of the most proud of the site, is to highlight the charm of women. But you know how deep the breast? In daily life, how do you take care of it? Six breast private photos, help you secret breast health secrets.

breast cystic hyperplasia disease called chronic cystic breast disease, benign hyperplasia of breast stroma, but also a higher incidence of the disease is most common in 25 to 40 years old women, the majority of patients after the onset of a few months to 2 years can be relieved, but in view of a few patients may become cancerous, so every two to 3 months should get physician referral, dynamic monitoring of the condition, if you can learn to be better breast self-examination.

pulsatile breast pain

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