Entrepreneurs love to say 8 lies


each one really took the road of business investors, under the complicated social reality, will naturally say some lies, these lies may be helpful to their cause, may lead them toward the cause of failure, the following Xiaobian take you to meet 10 entrepreneurs say love lies!

1, a leading market research firm, says our market will reach $50 billion by 2010. No matter he is the development of bar  mitzah (Translator: a Jewish rite) plan software or 802.11 chipset, every entrepreneur PowerPoint there are a few pages that they will have a total market of tens of billions of dollars. Venture capitalists never believe these predictions, because he has heard of 5 such predictions today. Entrepreneurs are best to remove these predictions from their PowerPoint.

2, (a big company) is going to sign a purchase contract with us next week. Entrepreneurs do not know from which lecture heard that the company has sales is very important, it is compiled to this. Funny thing is, next week, next week, the contract is not signed. And then there are excuses: the company’s decision makers were fired,   CEO was fired, a natural disaster, etc.. Investors will not invest in this lie, unless sales have really happened.

3, as long as we get the investment, a heavyweight will join our company. Often, when the VC for the heavyweight Microsoft, Oracle, sun’s deputy general telephone confirmed that the answer is as follows: "who told you that? I was on, the Churchill Club (Translator: non-profit organizations related to entrepreneurship of the famous) spoke to him a few words. But I never said I would give up my Adobe 250 thousand annual salary to join his company."   heavyweights are likely to join a small company, but please ask them to call VC to confirm this.

4, nobody’s trying what we’re doing. This is a lie of the worst, because from this conclusion there are two points: 1), because there is no market, so there is no others; 2), you’re not in the search for Google, competitors are not. Needless to say, none of the above conclusions will help you get the investment. Usually, if you have a good idea, you will have 5 competitors. If you have a very good idea, you will have 15 competitors.

5, no one can do what we do. Blind than a proud as Lucifer, this is bad. In the first 90 days after the start of a company, there will be 10 companies springing up to do the same thing. Roger  no one can run 1 miles in 4 minutes before Bannister. But in Roger  Bannister created the record within 1 months of John  Landy broke again >

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