How to learn Bian Que’s brothers to do business Business


Bian Que is a famous person in the history of our country, and is a very skilled people, however, when it comes to the brothers of Bian Que, a lot of people are very strange. According to historical records, Bian Que’s two brothers also learn medicine, and medical skill. But why Bian Que name the world, and two elder brother unknown? With Bian Que’s words: "big brother of the high, high in the nip in the bud. The patient did not play, he at a glance, then use him the good people of the world, so that he would not do that can cure; brother cure to the first, to prevent a serious illness, so the people of the world that he would only cure ailments.

and I, in people dying, regarded as hopeless. only under the dangerous drugs, let the dead, so the people of the world that I was in the medicine master, can cure the incurable, I became a doctor. But in fact, in effect, my eldest brother treats, the vitality of the slightest injury; brother cure, strength slightly damage repair back; cure like me, life is back, but badly hurt. So, I think my brother, brother better than I. But they have been very low-key, as long as the patient is good, they do not care about fame."

the story is thought-provoking. One of the philosophy, and the tobacco industry, marketing services and a number of development work. Bian Que two brothers with the spirit of the tobacco industry, "concentrate on doing things, low-key life," the behavior of the similarities. In a marketing manager, clerk, should learn Bian Que’s brother, excluding gains and losses, customers want to think, solutions to customers to focus on improving customer service level, to improve the level of profitability of cigarette retail businesses.

how to learn Bian Que’s brothers? At least do the following three points:

is a serious study of the real needs of customers. For example, to the account manager, you should always think about the requirements of the retail business for the client manager Is appropriate monopoly policy advocacy, or thoughtful store service? Is the demand for business skills, or want to understand the current development of the tobacco industry? Each kind of demand, the customer manager must carey analyze when serving the customer, suit the remedy to the case. This is like Bian Que’s brother before the doctor to understand the patient’s symptoms.

two is a problem that can be predicted by customers. Each customer problems in process of management problems are not the same, some new customers, they do not know how to distinguish between true and false cigarette deep, is not enough to grasp the knowledge of tobacco monopoly; and some old customers, there exists some problems in understanding the needs of the consumers, consumer grade positioning; also some are lack of preparation for emergencies.

these problems, in the usual visit to the service through some details to predict, ahead of the customer to do the solution. Bian Que’s eldest brother, the high medical skill, lies in the nip in the bud. When the patient is ill,

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