2015 double eleven China power consumption Ma bell ceremony speech


double 11 boom just subsided, the annual electricity supplier Carnival once again proved China’s spending power. For the majority of the electricity supplier in the field of entrepreneurs tried to enter into a booster injection, one hundred billion market is to be developed.

and last September 19th on the NYSE Alibaba like IPO, stood on the stage of the bell is not Alibaba executives, but the 8 ordinary people. Who is the representative of "positive energy every day, people wear kaidangku winners:" civilization bean "Huo Kejia," the most beautiful bride, "Guo Yuanyuan River guard Yang Xiong, 87 children of the" mother "," Yang Mai Chiung Fang the Great Wall cleaners "William Lindsay," three languages "village teacher Pan Xuexiu, with a blind father the University of Han Tianxue, honest contractors Chen Wu now.

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