The whole to join the brand recommended Chocolate


chocolate has always been a symbol of the sweet meaning of love, of course, chocolate has become a favorite girl. If you want to do the female consumer market investors, chocolate brand is worth considering, the current more popular chocolate brands have the following five main:

1, Dove Dove (started in 1986 by the United States multinational food company Mars (MARS) company launched one of the leading brands in the chocolate market, Mars foods (China) Co., Ltd.)

2, Kinde chocolate (COFCO group company brand, is committed to provide consumers with high quality / delicious food industry famous brand, COFCO Kinde food (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.)

3, Meiji chocolate (founded in 1917 in Japan, is committed to the development of dairy products production enterprises, multinational corporations, the ten major brands of chocolate, Meiji fruit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

4, GREE high chocolate (founded in 1921 in Japan, is committed to the food industry R & D and production enterprises, the ten major brands of chocolate, Shanghai GREE Food Co., Ltd.)

5, Cadbury Cadbury (founded in 1824 in Britain, one of the oldest chocolate brand in Britain large multinational companies, well-known brands, Cadbury Schweppes Limited by Share Ltd)

more than just the famous chocolate brand simple introduction, if you are on a brand to join more interested in, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, and can provide more to join the brand for you, for your reference.

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