80% nternet users information leakage network security issues highlighted


is now a social network, in all aspects of life and the network can be said to have tied contact, at the same time, the number of Internet users and the number of Chinese is increasing constantly, but the problem of network security has now become a troubled people.

7 22, 2015 China Internet users rights protection forum held in beijing. Forum, the China Internet association 12321 network bad and spam Reporting Center issued a "China Internet users rights protection investigation report (2015)".

"report" shows that in recent years, Internet users due to leakage of personal information, spam, fraud information leads to a total loss of about 80 billion 500 million yuan, 124 yuan per capita. Among them, 78.2% of the users of personal identity information was leaked, including Internet education, name, home address, ID number and work units; 63.4% of the users personal information was leaked online activities, including online shopping records, phone records, web browsing traces, IP address, software traces and location.

"report" also lists five typical fraud users encounter, the most serious is posing as bank, Internet Co, television and other winning scams ", accounting for 76.3%; followed by 10086 and 95533 as the pseudo base SMS" and "posing as public security organs, Health Bureau, Social Security Bureau and other public institutions for telephone fraud, accounting for more than half.

the harassment telephone fraud is the source of personal information leakage intensified. At present, the degree of disclosure of personal information has reached a chilling point. 360 Internet Security Center released data show that in 2014, 360 mobile phone guards to intercept telephone harassment that the total amount of up to 16 billion 590 million times, including 6 billion 470 million times information intercept telephone fraud, that is to say, the average user received 10 harassing phone calls, there are 4 telephone fraud. How should we protect our information in the Internet age?

information was leaked

China according to the Internet society as a survey in August 2014 showed that disclosure of personal information is an important field of infringement of Internet users. 91% of Internet users believe that their identity cards and mobile phone number had been disclosed by the network; more than 80% Internet users admit their home address, name and bank card number was leaked online; more than 50% of Internet users, to confirm the qualifications, medical treatment, medical records, personal social relations, recommended

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