Food prices rose badly the acquisition of a large number of private enterprises in Jiangsu the who


in our lives, although the economy has been greatly developed, there are many factories around the building up, but there are still a lot of people living on the food. The rice has been harvested, but Jinhu County Dai Lou Zhen Dai Lou Cun large grain Lu Jinrong did not relax, this kind of nearly 600 acres of grain farmers, another identity is a food broker. Since early December, he has been the acquisition of rice zoucunchuanhu. "By December 17th, I have bought 150 tons of rice, rented a grain management warehouse holds, first not to sell, because rice prices also go up estimation."

he said, did not expect that, just half a month, food prices rose very badly. Hybrid rice harvest early, only 1.32 yuan per kilogram of dry rice, now up to $1.42. Japonica rice is also the price now than the average harvest rose 10 Fen per catty." He said, "the rice price per kilogram of three or four cents if volatility, alone poor is now 10 Fen."

store so much rice, ready to sell to? Lu Jinrong said, sold to the surrounding processing plant. Dai Lou Zhen has many processing plants, the price suihangjiushi. When food prices are low, small processing factory, because food prices did not change what, they basically only two or three days of grain. Now, seeing the rice prices, they are also anxious to close, with the broker competition.

so, but there are a lot of large grain refused to sell. "We have a lot of abandoned factories here, and they rent and put food on the table." He said the situation this year and last year really is not the same, the rice yield down last year, 2.4 yuan per kilogram of processing plants also refused to accept.

The price change of town

Haian County Hu food broker yellow friends this year on the rice is also impressive. He said that in December 1st, the local rice purchase price of 2.68 yuan per kilogram; by December 16th, 16% moisture content of rice, the rice varieties of common per kilogram has risen to 2.92 yuan, Nanjing 9108, sold 3.1 yuan per kilogram.

if moisture content standards, in fact, has exceeded the national minimum purchase price. "The majority of farmers to sell grain in granaries, the most hope is to sell a minimum purchase price, the price of higher processing enterprises now, we have to sell the factory." He said he recently in every village run every day, the amount of the acquisition of at least 5 tons, and then transported to the processing plant to earn three or four cents per kilogram of money and transportation charges.

processing enterprises grab food is not really an individual phenomenon. Zhang Xuezhi is the person in charge of Suyu District of Suqian city to the town of a jade dragon village agricultural cooperatives, cooperative members a total of more than 1 thousand acres planted rice, which is part of the recommended Hybrid Rice

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