nvestment maky cake shop how much money


said maky cake, see maky two words, you would think of Michelin Samsung food items, the highest honor symbol of delicacy, of course, you can also meet the absolute maky cake delicious to the ultimate pursuit. Let’s take a look at the brand!


flag created in 1994 in Xi’an. Is a production of moon cake, cake, bread, Chinese and Western style pastry based national chain food enterprises. From the creation date, Qi always adhere to the product quality as the premise of the business philosophy, commitment to continuous product innovation and accurate grasp of the market, continue to maintain the industry pioneer status in.1996, maky began to regional market and industry expansion, one after another in Xi’an, Harbin, Daqing, Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Shenyang set up 10 branches and a professional food research institute, cake, moon cake, bread, pastry, nutrition products point, fast food, frozen food, ice cream, made in nine large and medium-sized city, grow into national brands.

investment maky cake shop need how many money?

maky cake not only delicious and nutrition is also very rich, is now on the market very popular cake brand. Not only won the majority of customers favorite, is to let people in business management maky cake of the pockets, so more and more people want to do business maky cake. Maky cake shop franchise fee? It should be a lot of people want to join the brand of the hearts of the most practical problems, take a look at the following introduction of


venture selection Miqi cake shop to join, the basic single investment in the 10-20 million, as maky cake shop franchise fee? According to the size of stores, and investment in the region. After joining in the choice of maky cake, under the guidance of the company, partners do not have to shop decoration, store layout problems such as duotao costs, have to learn a variety of cake making technology and the diversification of investment and additional fees, saving money is


in the understanding of the maky cake shop to join the cost problem, Xiaobian to introduce rice cake shop flag to join the benefits: pastry industry, crucial technology and experience, maky headquarters set up all-round business platform cake is efficient and suitable for self-employed a person with breadth of vision. Maky cake to break the normal procedure empty talk type teaching mode, with emphasis on the practice of students hands-on theory. The headquarters of the master without reservation, students can y grasp all the raw material formula cakes, production process and sales service, the actual production process is the production and sales of the training process, all real, students can y experience the production and sales of each product details maky cake, participate in management, practice is the best learning and accumulation process, a decisive role in the rice cake shop flag days after the start-up.

joined the cake not only join Miqi low cost, and good support. Maky cake headquarters has a strong R & D team.

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