Hot Tea HK Style cost investment spending are


beverage stores in the market is so popular because of low cost, high profit. Especially Hong Kong style milk tea shop is most obvious. Hot Tea, HK Style shop has been based on its low cost, high profit by many venture investors, in addition to its initial fee, shop cost is not high, but specific to how much, a lot of people do not know, tend to ignore some of the details of the cost, today Xiaobian to introduce milk tea stores need how many money? Can be roughly calculated from the following aspects.

Hong Kong style milk tea investment costs have what

1. Hong Kong style milk tea. Different Hong Kong style milk tea to join the brand to join the fee is different, according to their own choice of the brand to count, of course, a good Hong Kong style milk tea to join the brand will be relatively high.

2. transfer fee. A lot of milk tea shop is the need for the transfer fee, if you have a relationship, you can not, of course, there are some stores are not to transfer fees.

3. milk tea shop rent. The rent and location of a tea shop, the better location is rent is high, we may pay the rent will be a one-time payment for several months or a quarter or half a year or a year, these are in need.

4. Hong Kong style milk tea raw materials costs. This needs to be decided according to their own products, there is a good business during the shop will be more than a little more than a certain amount of raw materials, a lot of products shelf life is still very long.

5. milk tea equipment costs. The necessary equipment open tea shop, generally have a sealing machine, ice machine, ice machine, fructose quantitative machine, refrigerator, cooker, water heater, and bar utensils, such as cups, shaker, bar spoon, sugar powder bottles, tanks and so on, some of the equipment level, the price is not the same.

6. tea shop decoration. Tea shop decoration store renovation program according to the franchisee to provide a reasonable budget, but also requires a combination of local decoration company market, material market budget, which included the floor, walls, ceiling, water, furniture, advertising light boxes, signs and so on.

7. milk tea shop to join documents. Open milk tea stores need to handle the relevant documents, such as business licenses, health permits, etc., the relevant costs need to be determined according to local business administration.

8. employee wages. If it is the package board and lodging should be done within the investment budget. Other expenses, such as car travel, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.

9. advertising investment. In store advertising investment, menu printing, store cards, cards, leaflets, takeout opening slides, opening and so on all advertising banners.

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