Harbin City heavy snow the effects of traffic


rain and snow weather will affect people’s travel, to bring more discomfort, but also for people to travel buried a risk factor. Harbin continued snow has reached more than and 10 hours, most of the District, county (city) snowfall reached intermediate, local heavy snow, more than 5 mm. Heilongjiang Province 14 high-speed closed, outbound flight delays.

according to the Harbin meteorological observatory expert Zhang Shaofeng introduced by the influence of the upper trough, the snow is from the start this morning from west to East, the day continues, is expected in the evening will gradually end the widespread snowfall of up to 3 to 5 mm of snow, snow snow up to local level of 5 to 7 mm.

in addition to a reporter from the Heilongjiang provincial highway and telephone consultation, affected by heavy snow, the province has 14 high-speed closed, including the Beltway, Jinghagaosu, Kazakhstan, high speed, high speed, high speed, complex Mu Sui, Sui North high-speed, high-speed, North North black five high-speed, high-speed Jihu etc.. Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan speed limit line. Airport speed limit of 40 km / h.

snow is coming to make people feel the inconvenience of travel, so more often, the need to close the traffic route to ensure the safety of people travel. Harbin Meteorological Observatory also issued a yellow warning signs of road icing: affected by snow, is expected in the next 24 hours, Harbin District, county (city) will appear icy roads, please pay attention to traffic safety.

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