Book drifting water Gas Co 2300 books warm the hearts of children


May, warm and cold temperature appropriate, sunshine, rain, Liu Ya son to stretch into a piece of green willow, facing the wind of summer happily waving. May, Ledu County township high camp village primary and secondary school teachers and students learned a good news: the school should have a love library! The morning of May 27th, when the car carrying books, school teachers and students face is full of smile, from Xining water gas development Refco Group Ltd staff sent a gift of more than 2 thousand and 300 books for the school.

9 in the rain

27 in the morning, rainy, although it has been a night, but still did not stop. In the water in the Gas Co, 9 staff busy, number, packing, loading……

"around the world in eighty days" "Aesop’s Fables" "Notre Dame de Paris", this one new books are the staff carefully selected, in addition to the more than 1 thousand new books, there are nearly 1000 books employees donated idle books, each book contains staff love.

newspaper drifting activities get water Gas Co party secretary, chairman Zhou Fujun strong support. Since the company issued a Book Donation initiative, just half a month, the company has gathered more than 2 thousand and 300 books, to be built in the village primary school library love high Ledu County Republican township.

27 at 9:30, with the hope of the children, the reporter with the water Gas Co staff departure. Along the way, the rain has been down, because of the rain, the scenery seems to wear a beautiful dress, the air is no longer a breath of fresh air, fresh and elegant green, refreshing a lot of eyes.

to school, all the teachers and students applauded welcome, so that from afar the company moved, the company responsible Liu Wei League said excitedly: "don’t applaud, you see the hands shot red." Then, holding a girl’s hand, "cold, I give you warm." When the girl saw the stranger, she was still a little shy. She was going to hide in the classroom. She heard someone shouting, "move the book."!" Ma Ben stood in front of the car.

opened the door, the children "Hula" all of a sudden come around, watching all kinds of books, the eyes are sharp, hate not immediately walk away. Company employees Li Wei said, these children need extra books." He had a real sense of the child’s desire, which was rarely seen in the city’s children.

, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee to carry the book in giant sea and the kids said, rural children are very honest, the enthusiasm of the children with him, "knowledge can change fate, but to obtain knowledge, we should read more books, we are very pleased to be able to do something for the children’s growth."

"these books have never been seen"

looked at a pile of books in front of the children’s eyes lit up. ;

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