North of Xining City City health care


recently, the North District of Xining city in Baoziwan town. Lang Cun rural medical service tour held the launching ceremony, since the medical service in rural area in 2013 officially kicked off the tour.

The mobile medical service expert

rural area specifically deployed Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, the third people’s Hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Health Institute and belonged to the medical staff, fenpianbaogan to carry out mobile medical services, especially for rural common diseases, early prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment, the establishment of farmers health records, the basic medical and public health services extended to rural households, to meet the farmers’ growing demand for health services, so that farmers get city quality health services convenient and efficient timely. Guidance to carry out the construction of qualified village clinics and grade a health room, improve the rural health service network three. The increase of rural medical personnel professional training, "hand in hand" pass, to help with, and strive to cultivate a strong practical ability, grasp the rural appropriate medical technology, to meet the needs of rural basic medical and health services of medical staff, improve the common diseases in rural areas and emergency handling and other technical services.

to start the day, the mobile medical team is free to accept the consultation and treatment of more than 130 people, more than 1500 copies of promotional materials, ultrasound examination 24 people, 9 people, 9 ECG blood glucose test, urine routine test of 6 people, 5 poor households households songyisongyao. (author: Wang Xinkuo Li Yuanhai)

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