For the first time we found a large area of germanium rich soil


Recently, the fifth geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of Qinghai Province found a large area of germanium rich soil in Guide, Qinghai Province, East of. Currently, the Institute is to carry out further evaluation of germanium rich area. Five Qinghai Provincial Geological Prospecting Institute in the Yellow River valley land quality geochemical survey in Guide County, Xunhua county area, found the soil germanium content big area of the region is relatively high, and found in the preliminary enrichment horizon in Guide group. In some areas, the content of germanium was higher than that of high germanium soil. It is reported that germanium is an important strategic resource. Organic germanium has a wide range of pharmacological effects and great potential for the treatment of diseases. Ginseng, medlar, Astragalus and other traditional Chinese medicine precious organic germanium content is extremely high. The discovery of germanium rich soil is in the vicinity of Qinghai wolfberry producing areas. At present, the research of Ge rich plants in China is still in the stage of pot experiment. The main reason is that the germanium solution is added to the plant to enrich the germanium. Because of the high medicinal value of organic germanium, it is of great prospect to use the biological enrichment for the enrichment and development of germanium.  

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