Xining tourism department to take a number of initiatives to prevent influenza a H1N1


September 21st, the reporter learned that the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau to the city’s major hotels and travel agencies issued a special on the tourism industry to strengthen the prevention and control of influenza a H1N1 notice.

the "notice" requirements of the county tourism department to further strengthen the leadership, Turist Hotel, travel agencies, scenic area (spot) of the organization according to the health supervision departments and industry requirements, conscientiously carry out prevention and control work; strengthen the communication of information and reporting, encountered significant and unexpected events, in a timely manner to the Xining city health supervision departments and the Xining municipal tourism the Bureau report. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection of the important parts of the hotel, to prevent the spread of various diseases in the hotel, to strengthen the training of the staff of the hotel to prevent disease and epidemic prevention, and improve the awareness of prevention and control.

Xining City Tourism Bureau requires the hotel in strict accordance with the requirements of the public security departments, detailed travel information and contact details. Travel agencies should be in accordance with the requirements of the National Tourism Administration, do a good job in the daily entry and exit of tourists ledger submitted to work, pay close attention to the travel itinerary of tourists, reporting information.


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