Take you to see the future of Xining where the United States


city is the carrier of memory culture and feelings, in order to build Xining into a "good quality, good quality, good taste" of the city, city planning management work conference committee thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session, on the Xining city planning and construction, puts forward new requirements and new standards, the city NPC and CPPCC on the "government work report" also mentioned, I will spare no effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city, then the future is located in the Xining mountains and valleys, what new changes on the city development pattern? What will these changes bring to the public? Evening news reporter linking the two sessions of the urban and rural planning and Construction Bureau, for the public to interpret the future behind the changes in Xining.


Xining will stand on the open front

interpretation: if you introduce the location of Xining to the outside world, what would you say? The answer must be in the northwest or in the Qinghai Tibet plateau. Such a geographical location, will not make you feel that Xining will be an open frontier city. However, with the further deepening of regional cooperation in Xining, the future will stand in the forefront of opening up in Xining.

– future changes: Xining will deepen regional cooperation, actively establish inter regional cooperation, actively establish inter regional cooperation mechanism, promote the eastern city with Xining as the core of the rapid rise, expansion of Lanxi Economic Zone strategic space. At the same time, along with the west railway construction, opening, Xining and Chengdu between the distance of about 1400 km in space, in time will be compressed to 5 hours, which means that Xining and Chengdu will also have the opportunity to achieve regional cooperation and development, Xining will be more and more different areas, overcome Administration zoning restrictions of each other, "borrow" resources, talent, technology, experience and so on, to achieve complementary advantages, and ultimately promote the development of Xining.

– people experience: the future of Xining will no longer be the Longhai channel terminals will be integrated into the Yangtze River economic belt, which will allow Xining into this plateau city has a new position, let Xining become the first open city, the key city, let Xining city more rich flavor, so that more people will find opportunities in Xining. Xining as the home for entrepreneurship and fertile soil.

aspect two: DOPA into the city sub center

interpretation: if you think that is located in the mountains with the Xining River, with the increasing of population and traffic, has become increasingly crowded, so the "government work report" in the concept of "Shuangcheng linkage" will let you find everything fresh and new, this means that the future Xining will have the "two cities", is a present the main city, another is the deputy center to DOPA based "".

change in the future: DOPA as the city center, the main function of the city to provide space to ease the carrier to achieve coordinated development of the old city and the new city. The future of DOPA will seize the new urbanization development opportunities, strengthen infrastructure construction, accelerate the improvement of the service function, to set up public services, ecological living, sports tourism, trade and logistics and other integrated functions of the city center, the construction of the Silk Road (International) Logistics City, China Silk Road self driving service base opening;

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