Xining West to Beijing West to increase passenger train


In order to meet the needs of passengers traveling by train from Xining to Beijing, from August 16th onwards, the Qinghai Tibet railway company opened to the west of Beijing T176/5 passenger train west.

it is reported that the T176 passenger train originating from Xining West Railway Station, Lanzhou, central defender, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang north, Baoding Beijing West Railway Station.

August 16th CDB T176 passenger train originating from the Xining West Railway Station at 11:25, 10:49 the next day arrived at the Beijing West Railway Station; T175 passenger train in August 17th 12 when the 08 train originating from the Beijing West Railway Station, Xining West Railway Station arrive at 9:10 the next day.

T176/5 passenger train after the departure of Xining West Beijing West passenger trains will be increased to 2 times.


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