Xining evening news hit the first activity into the field


a hand embroidered paper-cut painting, a piece of true to life and the rural exquisite beyond compare, attractive and sub micro fried cakes…… Following the founding of the city into the community activities, in July 21st for the first time, the Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Chong City activities into the countryside. On the same day, Peng village square, the villagers with their best at their debut, to show the new rural civilization.

day, Peng village square brings together a number of paper cutting, embroidery, calligraphy, folk art, such as the shadow of a live performance of skilled craftsmen, rich and colorful folk customs show for the villagers. The string of "civilized etiquette from generation to generation" so that the presence of the audience to feel the civilized people, harmonious neighborhood relations, in fact, only need a simple language of civilization, a civilized behavior. In addition, in order to reflect the rich cultural heritage, folk art tradition, a "shadow" shadow "will also be lost through bridge that mother" onto the stage, let each of the villagers present are deeply remember "respect" is the civilized etiquette for thousands of years of Chinese nation everlasting. Villagers Liu Wenlan said that by participating in a city activities, so that we know more about the importance of civilization, we will use their own language and behavior to convince everyone, civilized manners, let the public never mind vanguard of farmers in the new era is to create a civilized city.


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