Xining City West District began to recruit information grid


Qinghai’s first social management information platform has been built three, divided into 122 grids, the implementation of the street length, floor length, unit length system…… The innovation of social management and meticulous management out of the Western model, enrich the grid grid management team, to play a greater role in the west area is for the community to recruit grid information officer, let people have the opportunity to participate in the construction of West peace.

for the completion of seamless coverage of city management, Chengxi district was listed as the province’s social management innovation pilot area and the construction of social management information platform since the pilot, the establishment of a comprehensive information platform of social service management platform, including the public call system, social comprehensive management information system, digital city management system, public security emergency command system four at the same time, system, innovation mechanism, construction of the streets, communities, grid networks of three levels, is divided into 122 grid, the grid by the jurisdiction of the police, responsible for grid and grid information officer is responsible for the information collection and processing.

west district is now facing the community to recruit members of information grid, where the health and safety of residents willing to participate in the construction of West West District public can dial the telephone call center 0971-6112345 registration, West District will be equipped with "E agents" for grid information, to ensure that information will be able to quickly transfer to the west area of all kinds of social services management information platform, from the platform for event diversion, so that the relevant departments to handle disputes, in the shortest possible time, security risks, security risks, achieve full coverage, real-time dynamic social control, let the people involved in the peace building in the west. (author: Zhang Tang Shuting)

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