The streets of the beautiful mind carefree Xining for 09 years as a practical project


days ago, reporters from the City Construction Bureau was informed that this year at the beginning of the year in 2009 the municipal government projects for the tangible things, things in our city street reconstruction, streetscape renovation, street lighting, power line laying 4 by the municipal construction bureau is responsible for the implementation of the project, up to now has been basically completed.

(: items) invested 245 million yuan to start the implementation of the air defense project, something street lanes and sidewalks and traffic safety facilities renovation project; investment of 120 million yuan, the implementation of Qilian Road, West Main Street, North Street, victory road, Bridge Street, Jianguo Road streetscape renovation project; investment of 20 million yuan, the implementation of street lighting project update transformation of the main urban road lighting; investment of 100 million yuan, the implementation of power line within the city east street, Jianguo North Road, 71 Road, North Street, Haiyan Road, South Gate Street, 6 road 26 km laying in engineering.

(: Implementation) what street lanes and sidewalks basically completed, traffic safety facilities renovation has been completed. Landscape renovation project of Qilian road and building decoration door renovation has been completed, plans to be completed by the end of. West Main Street, victory road has completed the sidewalk pavement engineering, has been completed at the end of August. In order to prevent duplication of road excavation and construction, the power line construction projects completed in the conditions are ripe, Bridge Street Streetscape renovation project bidding work, is now the first installation company, kingsir parking lot floor of whitewash. The renovation of roads on both sides of the building door and floor dressing has been completed, the building lighting lighting is being implemented at present consultation; show water, 71 Bridge Street foundation construction has been completed, the completion of the Kunlun bridge bridge and lighting installation fixture and cable laying, material ordering work has been completed; West main street, North and South Street, 71 Road, 54 Road, East Street, South Street, power line laying into the project; Haiyan Road, Delingha Road, the road of power line laying into the project is being implemented.

in the city area business station Mr. Liu excitedly told reporters in his shop on the sidewalk, he has been doing business in this street for many years, before he shop before the sidewalk because of the long lost face a bumpy road, encounter rain, pedestrians accidentally stepped in a puddle, so a lot of customers in order to avoid stepping on the muddy, rainy days choose not to store shopping, it is affecting the business. Now, what the construction of a new street pavement, the pavement is spacious, his store is bright, the road watching people walk in the new pavement, my heart really uncomfortable. "Xining is becoming more and more beautiful, my business will become better and better, thank the government."

"I am genuine old Xining, Xining looked at such a big change, really feel very proud, I’m retired now, walking the streets of Xining to see the green day; walk in the street at night, the neon lights illuminate the streets more riotous with colour;

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