Traffic arteries in eastern urban agglomeration


Traffic is one of the prerequisites for the formation and development of urban agglomeration, while public transport is the core component of urban agglomeration. The day before, completed by the provincial transportation department and the Ministry of transport planning and Research Institute developed "transportation leading and supporting the eastern province of Qinghai city group development strategy research", clearly the future direction and focus on the development of regional traffic in eastern city group, in the implementation of the original "city east of Qinghai province transportation development planning" of the group the eastern city traffic artery, the group will get clear greater strength.Study on the development of the proposed

it is reported that the study also proposed to strengthen the city group area intercity rapid transit system, accelerate the construction of interoperability, efficient and convenient inter city transport network; actively build a diversified public transport service system, improve the eastern city transport development strategy group public transportation attraction etc..  

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