Xining agricultural products quality and safety supervision work to a new level


The repeated search and investigation, careful analysis of Xining agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of our city agricultural products quality and safety supervision problems, and on the basis to find out the problem, the implementation of a variety of initiatives, strengthening the city agricultural products quality and safety supervision. For this,
Xining people’s broadcasting station reporter Gu Gang on the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau Wang Weihua ;
please listen to , the city’s agricultural product quality and safety supervision work on a new level.

file name: "the city’s agricultural product quality and safety supervision work on a new level"


Gu: the Ministry of agriculture on the first and two quarter of agricultural products is not optimistic about the routine monitoring, how do you evaluate the quality and safety of agricultural products in our city?

Wang: we Xining city agricultural product quality and safety supervision work after several years of efforts, can be said to be on a new level. Although the Ministry of agriculture for agricultural products are not routine monitoring in our city in the two quarter, the first place, like the field to Ning vegetables unqualified, but overall, the work on a new level.

Gu: indeed, the agricultural sector has done a lot of effective work in agricultural product safety testing, construction of agricultural products detection studio from scratch, and then to the popularity of the supermarkets; from the training of inspectors, to the vegetable wholesale and retail markets and supermarkets full accredited testing personnel. It is an indisputable fact that the quality of agricultural products is better than one day. In order to do a good job, farming and animal husbandry departments must have a lot of effort, right?

Wang: we have taken six measures this year:

a, strengthen agricultural production base of drug management

organized the city’s production base of drug safety special rectification, increase the intensity of investment supervision production base, in key areas, key production areas to carry out the production process of the safe use of pesticides, promote the standardization of production. Vegetable standard garden, breeding area to establish and improve production files, truthfully record the source of inputs, medication time, product harvest date, etc., effectively reduce the production of agricultural and veterinary drug use risk. Grassroots agricultural extension departments to strengthen publicity and safe medication guidance, improve the level of scientific medication, pesticide residues, to ensure the quality and safety of vegetables. Focus on strengthening the production base of vegetable testing, increase the frequency and range of detection, to ensure the safety of vegetables listed.

two, and comprehensively promote the "three one" brand promotion action

with pollution-free agricultural products base construction, pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic food, registration of geographical indications of agricultural products (hereinafter referred to as the "three one") certification as the starting point, strengthen the pollution-free agricultural origin identified, "three one" products to recognize;

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