Xining City Board of education requires primary and secondary schools to find correct non standard s


July 10th, Xining City Department of Education issued a "Circular on further clarifying the behavior standard" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requiring schools, the city’s districts and counties in the middle school to act immediately, team members and all the staff for further study the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of education, widely publicized national, province and city and county for reducing the burden on students of the spirit of the document and the relevant provisions, timely find and correct the school running behavior of all kinds of non-standard.

students in school, school time and the amount of work shall not be timed, excessive. Schools should strictly implement the "Xining City Bureau of education for the primary and middle school students in the school timetable and the burden of the relevant provisions of the notice" of the relevant provisions, that is: the students morning time is not earlier than 7:30, students (day students) school day students shall not exceed 6 hours, high school students should not exceed 8 hours; compulsory education one or two the third grade, leaving no written homework every day, grade four or five subjects total no more than 45 minutes, grade seven or eight no more than 1 hours. Schools and teachers are not allowed to arbitrarily increase the curriculum, class hours, to ensure that primary and secondary school students 1 hours of physical activity per day (including physical education).

to ensure that teachers and students at the statutory rest time to rest. Schools are not allowed to use holidays without authorization to organize students to make up missed lessons. Because of the large delay class activities to finish the teaching plan needed remedial, to the approval of the administrative department of education shall be submitted to the local, can arrange the appropriate time to cram, remedial time shall not exceed the time delay for large-scale activities. It is strictly prohibited to use the extra time for paid tutoring, paid extra lessons for students, part-time, part-time behavior in school teachers in public schools.

eliminate the coffers, accounts, prohibit unauthorized 5100. The financial revenue and expenditure of all primary and secondary schools must be publicized in a timely manner. Schools are forbidden to account and set up illegal accounts; resolutely withholding and misappropriating funds for education and school resources illegal behavior; school commodities procurement and school construction projects should be strictly carried out according to the approval procedure of government procurement, bidding and other policies. Ordinary high school, kindergarten, according to the provisions of the project and standard fees, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens shall not be held to raise fees for the purpose of improving classes, specialty classes, competition classes, bilingual classes, etc..

schools are not free to increase or decrease courses, difficulty and class. We must strictly enforce the national curriculum plan, attaches great importance to information technology, art, sports and health, comprehensive practice course set up, carry out rich and colorful extracurricular activities, effectively promote the all-round development of students.


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