The prevention and control of infectious diseases in addition to the four pests is the time


Has entered the high incidence of infectious diseases in the autumn season, the recent outbreak of dengue fever in Guangdong and other places, some countries in West Africa, Ebora hemorrhagic fever epidemic continues to spread. In order to strengthen the disease monitoring and early warning, timely grasp the dynamics of the epidemic, according to the national aiweihui deployment, October 18th, province aiweihui organization provincial capital medical institutions and aiweihui members of the unit, carry out in the center square to "clean environment, autumn patriotic health campaign promotional activities focused on the prevention and treatment of disease" as the theme. Among them, the centralized organization except the "four pests" activities, the prevention and control of infectious diseases. In this activity, the combination of our province health activities to create urban and rural environment clean action, to further increase the vector control efforts, establish and improve the vector network monitoring, the organization in addition to the "four pests" activities, the elimination of the vector breeding place. It is understood that the disease vector is the ability to carry and spread bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful organisms. Vector control is commonly known as the "four pests", that is clear in mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other pests. Rodents can be controlled by physical control, biological control and chemical control methods. Fly control is mainly to do a good job of garbage harmless treatment, clear all kinds of breeding sites; doors and windows to prevent flies and other facilities. Cockroach prevention and control is the key to prevent cockroaches invasion, so that the gap between the hole, do a good job of indoor health, eliminate cockroaches habitat, cut off food and water. People to remove indoor and garden water, can eradicate mosquito breeding environment.  

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