When the students into a different kind of scenery


Xining evening news in March 20th launched the "evening news" swept the campus when the student teacher initiative thematic reports, caused great concern of the readers and the tens of thousands of users quickly, we have told the evening news reporter by telephone, QQ, micro-blog, WeChat and other forms: "let the teacher when the day students, such a city activities are both creative and really we love."

evening news activities to give the burden of reducing key

in the morning, many users have in the evening news on the official micro-blog and reporters QQ platform message. Netizen Liu Jingguan, communication double line and Yang Bin said: this evening a city planning is good, can let the teacher feel the pain and joy of children’s empathy, to improve teaching methods, can let the student in the activity of good teachers, principals, and the teacher-student relationship, home school more harmonious relationship. Our school, primary school, and the tiger Taiwan Bayi Road, Bridge Street Primary School Primary School and other schools have to call the person in charge said to reporters, "let the teacher when the day students" activities institutionalized, normalized, become a powerful starting point of the education system in a city. Tiger Taiwan elementary school principal Lang Sanfu said: let the teacher Dangdang students, can let the teacher really understand the students in the end what kind of classroom, what kind of teacher, how homework, what kind of teacher-student relationship.

such a city event we like

many readers and friends excitedly in the newspaper to call, message: "let the teacher initiative evening when the day students", such a city is a city of our love, is a protracted war to civilization infiltrated every human bone marrow, by assault, by engaging in some of the pain does not itch is unable to change the people, improve people’s. Evening news plan launched by the large city creation activities, through the role of transposition experience, let teachers feel the children’s sour, sweet, bitter, hot from the perspective of the students, then to teaching, to rethink their own way of education…… The blue eagle said: "teacher evening when students hit the city, no doubt is a bold innovation, a city of Xining poverty, need innovation more of it."

all walks of life should be a transposition experience

people are moving, many readers, users also eagerly hope that the evening news in the future to be able to plan a lot of initiatives when the teacher students such beneficial creative activities. Some readers, users in exchange with reporters, but also for the city of Xining hit the way to find a solution, ideas. Netizen Robel said: "in fact good practice in front of all walks of life in the city are suggested to try this evening to experience a city initiative conversion mode, if this mode of popularity, a city of Xining will achieve a multiplier effect." (author: Dezhou)

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