How to open a tea shop to attract talented people


in today’s society, what is the most missing? I think a lot of people should be very clear. This is not only the lack of large companies, small tea shop also lack. So, for a milk tea shop, how to recruit the most suitable for their talents? The author believes that, according to the following aspects to select talents.

1. implement classified recruitment strategy

there is no difference between no strategy, a tea shop looking for potential reserve management personnel, and for general business personnel or operating personnel, both in the recruitment channels or in the selection method should have difference. For example, the recruitment of general service personnel, should not make too many demands on education, just pay attention to his attitude to service work, understanding and his practical experience. If the recruitment of management talent, can focus on recruiting outstanding college students. This is not only conducive to attract and retain outstanding talent, but also conducive to the formation of a reasonable structure of the quality of the staff.

2. recruitment work should focus on staff training and development

tea shop recruitment service staff, tea production staff and managers, is to focus on the future development of a company. Therefore it is necessary to think about the people in the recruitment into the enterprise, 3 years, 5 years after what he can do, also need to pay attention on the candidates considered on their own occupation career development planning, training to candidates and actively promote enterprises for talents.

3. uses targeted personnel selection procedures and selection methods

recruitment management reserve personnel not only to examine the applicant’s business knowledge and business skills, but also focus on the management potential and leadership potential. Therefore, compared with the general staff recruitment, recruitment management, reserve personnel selection procedures are usually more complicated, the selection method is also more abundant, in addition to the common table by Qing Shen (or resume) outside the primaries, written examination, interview, often by means of psychological testing and Evaluation Center (Assessment Center) and other professional methods.

4. tea shop senior management and employment department heads should actively participate in the recruitment work

relative to the human resources department staff, the senior management of the enterprise and the Department of the company’s overall operations and business development has clearer and more direct understanding of them, to some extent, more clearly in the future management of the enterprise needs what kind of talent. Moreover, when the senior management in the publicity of enterprises, but also in a more favorable position than the human resources professionals.

5. to regularly evaluate the recruitment of milk tea shop

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