Comprehensive renovation of the West Lake Wholesale Market


in order to meet the National Health City review, do a good job in the region’s health work, in July 31st, the west district government organization of the whole area of workers and cadres of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market for a comprehensive clean-up finishing.

reporters on the scene saw the same day, the Western District of all the staff and workers in all corners of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market, each hand with a cleaning tool, each unit in an orderly manner to carry out the work of garbage removal. District Health Bureau staff dress uniform, while the pipeline cleaning robot to answer a reporter’s question, they said: "the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market has been the area west of heavy and difficult remediation area, as the health system more responsibilities to personally participate in the Lake Road remediation work in the wholesale market." According to the relevant person responsible for the construction of health activities, the event launched a total of more than 1000 employees in the region, a total of 45 units were dispatched, including the health system of more than and 200 people. In the event the day before the district leaders earnestly organize the deployment, 45 units of cadres and workers average distribution in the lake area, the wholesale market of vegetables and fruits, loading area, local vegetable area of a total of four in the region, making Wei Jian labor schedule, the responsibility to the people, carefully do the Sea Lake Road Wholesale Market sweeping management. (author: Liu Caiying)

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