Consumers Association to restore consumer losses 690 thousand and 700


This year, the City Consumers Association to regulate trade order, create a good environment for consumption as the goal, take three measures to strengthen consumer rights protection work, strengthen the various types of commodity trading market and the circulation of goods quality supervision, and promote the level of consumer rights. As of December 20th, a total of 699 cases of complaints received, feedback of 672, for consumers to recover economic losses of $690 thousand and 700. It is reported that in this year’s consumer activism, consumer rights association constantly open up channels, based on strengthening the 12315 rights report center, and set up 12315 workstations and 12315 social contact station in the city of each industry, the community, through the construction of grassroots complaints, broaden the channels of rights. City Consumers Association also actively build interactive rights mode, take the initiative to invite some moral obligations of supervisors and consumers, operators of the business sector, understand the main functions and business processes, a live demonstration of accepting and handling consumer complaints reporting procedures, and make the consumer complaint report working visit, especially those repeated complaints of consumers, listen to them on the the handling of the feedback, listen to their suggestions, in order to reduce the long and repeated complaints complaints, improve work efficiency. In addition, the focus of law enforcement forces focused on special inspection of goods, strengthen the circulation of goods in the field of quality testing, to find a place to rectify the specification of A.  

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