Cadres under the grassroots rural cadres who are honest


see a "go, go, and come to the village cadres heard this year, last year they do a lot of things for the transformation of the village, do not know what a good thing this year……" The villagers Zhang Youan Zhai Zhen Lu Jia Zhai Cun Chengzhong District, Xining city from home, walked to the next door neighbor.

early spring season, the people’s Street office in the city of Quan Weidong and comity Street Office of this year, as the "10000 cadres under the grassroots" of a member, walked into the village of the.

and Zhang Youan talked about the feelings of the cadres came to the village, Zhang Youan thumbs up, the truth is good"! He said: the village cadres and the people in our village with a leg on the Kang pull home, but also to help solve a lot of things. For example, we eat the problem of drinking water in the village, repair the village road hardening thing…… Many things!"

"to the countryside cadres there is no shelf, boiling water, potato, daguokui and eat with us. Some villagers when the spring plowing, hesitate to do not know what kind of, what kind of fertilizer to buy, that is, these cadres understand the situation, to help all get things done, the villagers have to look in the eyes!" The villagers also answer next to Zhang Youan.

"to the village cadres also according to the actual situation, to find ways to solve the problem for us. In recent years, tap water in our village is always not enough, hardening the road a few years ago lay was crushed, all these and village cadres said, they also hope to work together to solve these problems. No matter what they say, they will do anything for us, we will warm the hearts of the villagers, we know that these cadres on behalf of the party and the government to do practical things for us……" Zhang Youan. (author: Xiao Shu)


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