The first two months of the province’s industrial growth rate of Second Northwest


reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, since this year, our province through the policies and measures of adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, January -2 months, the province scale industrial enterprises grew by 6.5%, higher than the growth rate of 1.1 percentage points in the country, ranking fifteenth in the country, eighth in the western region, in the northwest region second. To complete the annual objectives and tasks, to promote the realization of the province’s 131 overall requirements laid a solid foundation, won a good start.

to achieve the objectives and tasks of this year, the provincial Commission by letter put forward: to support the smooth operation of the province’s industrial key industries to achieve steady growth, to further consolidate and expand the industrial economy steady growth results; to implement the provincial Commission by letter leading the pack contact point, and is responsible for the division of responsibility, supervision and pay close attention to key parks in key areas production enterprises, and key construction projects to resume production, timely coordination of production factors to ensure security, backbone enterprises and advantages of the project to restart as soon as possible, to play the role of stable growth of industrial economy; to properly dispose of Jiang corpse enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises to capacity, as a priority among priorities to deepen structural reforms on the supply side. To implement the 18 clearing solution of zombie businesses out, to make substantial progress in promoting structural reforms in the supply side.


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