Xining police action ahead of time for the college entrance examination candidates to send peace


  Xining college entrance examination this year will be held in June 4th, Xining city traffic police department in the deployment during the entrance security work carried out in advance at the same time, the night road traffic safety campaigns, to provide a quiet environment for students to review and rest.

this year’s college entrance examination is scheduled for July and 8. Because of the college entrance examination this year coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival "holiday", Qinghai province will also enter the tourist season in the near future, Xining city traffic police department paid special attention during the entrance road traffic security work, ahead of the beginning of the action.

according to the Xining city traffic police detachment command center, the city traffic police detachment from the weekend into a large number of police officers, to carry out night night inspection activities in Xining district and county, focus on remediation drunk driving, speeding and other illegal acts, and combat vehicle, motorcycle racing at night carrying too high decibel sound disturbing phenomenon, as the candidates for a week review the rest, create a quiet environment.

city traffic police detachment from the beginning of last week in the city around the test sites to set up security warning signs to remind the past drivers.

city traffic police detachment also asked to participate in the college entrance examination during the security work of the police to do emergency preparedness, ready to serve candidates. Candidates entrance day rushed to the examination room, such as traffic difficulties encountered, such as failing to catch the bus or call a taxi, you can call 110 for help. Traffic command center immediately after receiving help from the nearest candidates to help the police with a motorcycle to send candidates to the examination room.

according to the college entrance examination road traffic security plan, the city traffic police detachment during the college entrance examination will be around at the test center to strengthen the police deployment, placement, and fixed line Gang Gang Gang, the candidates enter the examination room before and during the test of part of the road test centers around the implementation of traffic control, when the examination test centers around the roads will implement jinming.


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