Rural people to enjoy the spirit of cultural Huimin food


"He Chun new" theatrical performances, free film, family portrait "send couplets, love" · · · · · · in the year of the sheep to greet the dawn of the new year, in late January, to the "cultural and cultural center in 2015 with warm heart love" as the theme of Spring Festival Culture Huimin activities in Huzhu County, Huangzhong County town of Dan Ma Li Shan town and other places in the village of booming development, the formation of a new atmosphere of bursting with happiness. Our province famous actor, calligrapher, photographer and experts, through performances, gift gift couplets, family portrait and other forms, let rural people enjoy cultural Huimin activities bring spiritual sustenance and spiritual pleasure.

the activities in the province is being carried out in the "three zone" talent support program of cultural workers special work, "the construction work and beautiful countryside construction as the starting point, the cultural center of" double stage linkage mechanism, cultural Huimin grassroots service "as the carrier, and the base layer of township (town) around the linkage. The Spring Festival is our traditional festival culture, through theatrical performances, send couplets, recognition of" good woman "and" good wife "and other forms of in-depth, beautiful countryside construction demonstration village to carry out cultural Huimin activities, and strive to create a cultural atmosphere and auspicious festivals, rich agricultural (animal husbandry) area of the cultural life of the masses, so that the majority of people celebrate the traditional festival in the joy of feeling, bring economic and social development in our province and the benefits of the party and the government’s care.  

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