Qinghai famous products into the U S market the success of the matchmaking


6 22 July, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the United States IDO chain direct selling mall, IDO FTA held the "Qinghai BrandName characteristics into the United States market" matchmaking, Xining carpet, wool spinning, mechanical and electrical products, new materials, new energy, high-tech products such as more than 60 companies attended the meeting.

matchmaking, Xining municipal government introduced the economic and social development of the city, the United States President McIntosh Shire and Dalienshi mayor Mr. Cook introduced the American economy and the Georgia investment environment and policy support, IDO CEO introduced the IDO outlet mall mall and the development of the FTA, the U.S. monetary policy for a detailed answer. Participating companies on the IDO mall direct procurement model and FTA policy has a deep interest, and with the IDO direct shopping mall and the product going out of the existing problems of in-depth communication and discussion. At the meeting, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and IDO Free Trade Zone signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Co., Ltd., Qinghai Chaidamu cashmere world music science and technology limited company, Qinghai eight lotus culture industry Limited by Share Ltd, a total of 4 companies and the United States IDO shop signed a cooperation agreement intentionality.

the matchmaking is relying on the American IDO outlet mall and the FTA platform, provide an opposite and American buyers face in-depth discussion and exchange opportunities for Xining outstanding enterprises and local famous quality products, among the United States trade market for enterprises and products, lay a foundation to build international brand image, for the next step of cooperation substantial progress, Xining city will also work with McIntosh Shiredaln city in culture, tourism, education and more fields to carry out extensive cooperation and exchanges.


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