Xining science and technology enterprise management approach and strive to cultivate 50 science and


to accelerate the development of private economy in Xining city and Small and micro businesses, enhance the economic strength of Xining city and the development potential, "management measures of Xining city science and technology enterprise" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") issued on the day before. According to the content of the measures, Xining will take effective measures to support small and micro enterprises to guide scientific and technological innovation, and strive to cultivate a number of potential development of science and technology enterprises, the year will cultivate 50 science and technology enterprises.

with the continuous introduction of preferential policies in our province, Xining, Xining, the size of the private economy and small and micro enterprises gradually changed from small to large, becoming the backbone of economic growth. The innovation of science and technology plays an important role in the core competence and development of enterprises.

Xining will be a certain degree of independent research and development capabilities, to provide the necessary funding for R & D activities to ensure that the scientific and technological enterprises. The science and technology enterprises have been identified in inclined to give priority municipal technical innovation projects, R & D capacity building, and help enterprises to declare the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise technology innovation program of 76 projects, will apply for 53 million 600 thousand yuan subsidy funds, and through the science and technology project guide, to increase the cultivation of Small and micro businesses, enhance enterprise independent innovation ability, strengthen the enterprise economic scale, the science and technology enterprises become the main force to support economic and social development in Xining city. (author: Wu Yachun)

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