The new leap of the city to promote the new Yushu


8 month 3 days, by the Central People’s Broadcasting Station Huaxia radio, voice of Hongkong, Hongkong radio station and Yushu Mandarin Broadcast television to launch large-scale live show "a new leap" in the city of Yushu city to complete live "the charm of Sanjiang source, such as Yushu new song", and broadcast live on 56 domestic radio.

The Central People’s Broadcasting Station

Chinese voice, the voice of Hongkong, radio Hongkong Mandarin Taiwan 56 radio jointly launched the large-scale live program "city new leap", established in 2012 and has completed 56 of the live coverage of rich local characteristics and charm of the city. 2014 to date, has been in Xining Province, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of live coverage. The 60 minute broadcast, divided into "Tibetan culture in Yushu" and "the rebirth of Yushu show a new look", "song of Yushu my home" in three parts. Since the beginning of July 21st, a dozen reporters, editors, host and engineer batch into the area of Yushu, in the traditional horse racing festival, Gelsall festival of Arts and culture, water culture festival, and further, Zhidoi County Zaduo, Nangqian county and other places in the field interviews, and broadcast to the audience about the life of the people of Yushu and Yushu uphold the green ecological concept of patriotic gratitude, and a good mental state.

fuck jiangcai folklore expert in the live show was introduced from the archaeological perspective of culture of Yushu formation, and Yushu formation in the culture of tolerance, love and gratitude cultural temperament; a state led to the audience in Yushu adhere to the source of the Sanjiang cultural landscape, Kangba culture and wild animal culture substrates. In order to build cultural tourism as the engine, linkage development structure of related industries, excellent source of Sanjiang cultural tourism brand, creating distinctive cultural tourist routes, plans in the "13th Five-Year" at the end of the scenic spots to achieve mastery rate and patency rate reached 100% of the target.

live show host, reviews the strong Yushu earthquake and the earthquake disaster and construction of new Yushu in the process of the "great love" stories, the stands in the earthquake relief Memorial Sculpture Figure Huang Furong. "Hongkong Bauhinia" magazine assistant Mr. Wei Dongsheng sighed and said: "today’s show in Yushu can be said in all aspects of the turn the world upside down changes, the uniform appearance of the city building, the streets are clean and no less than take on an altogether new aspect, the second tier city. The people of Yushu have been relieved from the pain of the earthquake 6 years ago, and their faces are filled with happiness and satisfaction." The live show also highlights the significance and progress of the construction of the National Park in Sanjiang, China, Yushu City, the wisdom of urban management and public security and food safety supervision.


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