Our province is conducive to the flow of the population to enjoy the basic public health family plan


reporter in September 9th from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission learned that, recently, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission issued the "floating population health promotion demonstration enterprises, schools and health family construction activities implementation plan", and puts forward five measures to strengthen the province’s floating population, health promotion and education.

"implementation plan", the province will promote the flow of population health as an important part of national health literacy promotion action, the basic public service combined with health education Wanlixing, Kangfu family action, health, demonstration and guidance, to promote the surface point, accurate and effective development of the floating population, health promotion model school health and family construction, improve the floating population health literacy. One is to create a favorable policy environment, establish coordination mechanism, formulated in favor of the floating population of equal basic public health service policy; the two is to strengthen the construction of grass-roots health planning ability, focus on the implementation of the floating population to basic public health, family planning services and other related services; three is the theme of good publicity and policy advocacy the interpretation of "floating population, health peer" theme activities as the carrier, so that the floating population with service content and process; the four is to enhance the flow of population health literacy, health literacy, and guide them to establish a healthy concept, healthy lifestyle and behavior; five is accurate to carry out health education and promotion services to the floating population (left behind women and children) in health education and promotion services, and strive to 2020, the construction of 16 demonstration Businesses, 16 model schools and the health of the 55 floating population.


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