Xining health system to actively carry out the work of all units


in order to promote the work of the "fitness month" series of activities carried out in depth, the city health bureau system of trade unions in accordance with the requirements of the City Federation of trade unions, each of them in the unit to carry out employee fitness activities.
city hospital fitness activities in the morning, strengthening exercise, requirements of all the administrative personnel and the proportion of 30% clinical departments organized personnel to participate in the exercise, the hospital football team.
City Center for Disease Control and prevention of all cadres and workers to do gymnastics, sports fitness project also specifically set up fitness activities for employees to use the time to rest in table tennis, badminton, basketball and other simple, participate in a wide range of. three
city hospital in the hospital held a fun games, games set of workers loved fishing, skipping, running, throwing supporting table tennis table tennis fitness and entertainment as the main content of the project, attracted more than 100 hospital employees to participate. The game, the game has been unveiled, the contestants full of spirit, confidence, calm and steady, after fierce competition has 5 comrades were the first race.
the "employee health month" activities, to cultivate, temper will, enhance physical fitness, so that the majority of cadres and workers can participate in fitness activities to create a good atmosphere for the health system of the workers of the national fitness, the refreshing pleasure of the heart, improve staff physical quality, but also to show the Municipal Bureau of health system of the workers and steamed to full of youthful spirit of the spirit.


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