Xining city north of the city to promote the work of fine lighting


The north area of Xining city

always adhere to the fine management concept, innovative city construction management, focus on the construction of landscape ecological livable area, "a city", "year", "Wei Jian" as an opportunity to continue to accelerate urban lighting, landscaping, cleaning step, urban infrastructure more perfect, and constantly improve the city image.

City North District of Xining City Lighting always adhere to the basis of street lighting, lighting to store as the main body, with trees lighting features, advertising lighting based on the lighting for decorative lighting with high-level concept, highlight the three-dimensional layout, and combination of dynamic and static combination of color, lively and varied characteristics of North, made preliminary results. Cross sea lake west plans to invest 8 million yuan, the East West Steel Group, Qaidam road lighting lighting project is about 8 kilometers, are speeding up the implementation, at the beginning of August is expected to fully completed. Investment of 1 million 591 thousand yuan on both sides of the bridge street LED lighting lighting project has been fully completed, is actively coordinating with the city’s power sector to solve the problem of the circuit. At the same time, China petroleum Qinghai branch, dabuzi court, Xining city water company and Qinghai Wutong group and other 4 buildings along the street building lighting lighting project. In addition, the next step will continue to complete the area north of the main street along the line of railway lamp pole lighting, green belt, sea lake under the overpass Green Belt and the block house 2 building frontage high-rise building lighting project. (author: Fan Shengdong)

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