Wang Xiaohui see Chongzuo party and government delegation


August 17th, the provincial Party committee and party secretary Wang Xiao met with the Chongzuo party secretary of Guangxi to visit a line of Huang Ke. City leaders Su Rong, Wang Haihong,, accompanied by the meeting of the president, mr..

Wang Xiao on behalf of the city of four groups expressed warm welcome to the city of Chongzuo in recent years, economic and social development achievements congratulations and respect. After a brief introduction of the situation of the situation, Wang Xiao said, the city of Xining as the first capital city of the highest degree, there is a very high degree of contribution and agglomeration, hope the Secretary Huang’s visit, strengthen cooperation in the following areas. One is the "The Belt and Road" construction, Xining and Chongzuo have their own geographical advantages, along with the West Railway South Road Network Construction and improvement, both sides can complement each other, sharing the early harvest results. Two is to open up the reform of the system, to share the experience of building a legal environment for the internationalization of professional facilitation business environment. Three is in the tourism development, Chongzuo is located in the subtropical zone, and the natural scenery of Xining has a strong complementarity, look forward to the two sides can each other for tourist destination and destination. At the same time, exchange and sharing of the "Garden Expo" experience. Four is in the industrial cooperation, the proportion of heavy industry in Xining, is accelerating the pace of light industry chain investment, Chongzuo food processing industry developed, the two sides can optimize the industrial structure and other aspects of cooperation.

Huang Ke Wang Xiao made the cooperation opinions to be highly recognized, and said it would further promote friendly exchanges, deepen cooperation in various fields and play a positive role for the consolidation and development of bilateral friendly relations and cooperation.  

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