Xining a number of safety hazards were investigated


June 21st, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government held the city’s production safety inspection work conference, since May 7th, 9 special inspection group to carry out safety inspection activities within the city, a number of safety hazards have been investigated.

in the special inspection carried out on the field of building construction, 10 project construction unit is not in place on the security civilization construction measure of economic sanctions on 2 construction units, 2 construction units did not apply for construction permits unauthorized construction of economic punishment; the traffic police department in the special inspection of road traffic safety, illegal the correct behavior of all kinds of traffic since 48088, driving without a license 218, detention 9, drunk driving 11, drunk driving 10, detained 115 vehicles, detain the driver’s license 33; special safety inspection carried out in the field of transportation, has seized all kinds of illegal 1072, seized illegal passenger business vehicles more than 200 Taiwan illegal, dangerous goods transport vehicles 6, 846 cases of illegal taxi, vehicle violation class line 37, other 42 cases of illegal; City Administration of dangerous chemicals and explosive material industry The special inspection of goods, dealt with illegal business case of acetylene oxygen products, illegal business premises, equipment, transport vehicles were seized by law, confiscate the illegal income 8000 yuan, 20 thousand yuan fine, and ordered to stop illegal business. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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