What are the methods of cigarette preservation


cigarettes if improper, easy to cause quality problems, and thus lead to customer dissatisfaction, which is very detrimental to the operation of the store. In fact, cigarette preservation is a topic with a a commonplace talk of an old scholar, growth time, I also have their own views and methods, the annual spring and summer season, increasing high temperature weather and rainy season, cigarette preservation methods are very important:

a, high temperature weather cigarettes

in hot weather, the change of cigarette is easily influenced by environmental temperature change, taste is not so tasty, it reminds me of an experience with Zhang;

in the summer, the weather is a kind of a day, he stores in the first floor, usually save the cigarettes for the sake of safety, he put a cigarette in the two floor of the storage room, each upstairs cigarettes are packed in plastic bags with storage. These days have kept the customer back to the taste of cigarettes is no reaction of the old house, smoking a feeling than before choking, suspect that Lao Zhang is not bought cigarettes?

Zhang tried to explain, the smoke is from the tobacco companies unified distribution, the smoke has never been out of the store, then to the cigarettes? Cannot find a reason, let the tobacco companies staff to identify, the ultimate reason is the improper storage of cigarette shop, the cigarette storage time is too long, coupled with continued high temperatures, the cigarette can not be long-term preservation in airtight plastic bag, it should be in a cool dry ventilated preservation, try to keep advanced first, in order to avoid long time cigarette deterioration, bianwei.

two, rainy season to save cigarettes

in the rainy season, the most afraid of wet cigarettes, cigarette storage should be more careful. Do not store the cigarette directly in the corner of the store, which is located at the corner of the place, these places are most likely to make the cigarette damp metamorphism.

especially in some rural areas, because the store is relatively narrow, usually put a cigarette in carton storage, often take to sell often take the way, because the sales volume is not large, the amount of cigarettes for no more, no attention to detail, some high priced cigarettes not timely sales, in the rainy season will speed up the cigarette the deterioration of taste. We can put some high-grade cigarettes, take the amount of cigarettes is not very fast to take special preservation, can get some moisture resistant foam insulation box, the storage of cigarettes, insulation box cover without sealing method can be implemented while selling edge preservation.

in the new year’s day, some local brands of cigarettes, tobacco companies in order to repay the old and new retail households, promotion of cigarettes. At this time a large number of retail customers to buy cigarettes, some cigarettes are often not very time to sell, we can also be stored in batches of cigarettes. Before the rainy season, it is also a good way to store cigarettes on the ground and cover the quilt.

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