The dream of foreign entrepreneurs A De in China


with the opening China market, entrepreneurial environment of domestic investment is widely optimistic, not only the National Youth hit off have opened business, some foreign students also choose to stay in Chinese business, started a career dream.

29 year old A De from Yemen City, his Arabic name is Ahmad · Saadi. As a partner and chief technology officer, technical team led by A De "Love Dream Entertainment Company for China local film industry in the office of the Beijing central business district in the" box office prediction "service by setting up the model of history and network data analysis, provide a reference for the producers.

"foreign face" in China do business is not uncommon, but foreign young people like A De set up a start-up company rarely. A De saw the Beijing Internet business environment, the various elements are complete, access to information, colleges and universities, talents and funds are very intensive, the procedure is very simple, he said, "the world in addition to the Silicon Valley may be Beijing".


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