What are the discount promotion strategies


in order to get more consumers, in order to make the shop business is more popular, and now almost all major industries in the shop are constantly taking promotional measures. However, different promotions, created by the effect will be different. So, for beauty salons, if you want to take the means of discount promotions, and what are the strategies?

a direct discount promotions

1, the size of the beauty salon decided to discount the effect of promotion: if the professional image of the salon or brand awareness is not high, even if you are the lowest price, customers will not necessarily go to the consumer. Brand awareness of the higher shops, carry out promotional activities, the effect will be more obvious. Because customers know the goods, will know its value, if you can enjoy the value, nature is full of customers.

2, direct discounts for customer attention is not high value of the low value of the project.

Direct discount

3, beauty salon can improve the higher value of the volume of the project: some consumers think the price is too high, usually within sight but beyond reach of the product or service, direct discount will attract some customers early adopters".

4, direct promotion time should be controlled in a certain period of time: beauty salon discounts also have to pay attention to grasp the key time, time is too long, the customer will lose the promotional information attention, promotion will be meaningless.

two, indirect discount promotions

buy X gift X 100 to send 30 of these are indirect discount promotions. As a result of direct discounts may lead to customers doubt beauty salon technology, service or product quality is not good, resulting in a bad business, no one will patronize discount. The "buy X send X" form is not as direct as discount, is a more subtle form of discount.

three, package discount promotions

refers to the beauty salon through the combination of several services, the formation of a combination of packages, and then give customers a certain discount, you can encourage customers to spend more money. For customers, spend a certain amount of money to get more services. As long as the portfolio properly, can make a higher performance, but also to promote some customers do not often consume items.

four, designated discount promotions

designated part of the customer groups, and give this customer group discounts, such as a beauty salon spent 298 yuan original price of the Spring Festival, during the teacher’s day, the teacher just $30 to experience the 1".

five, time discount promotions

because of the beauty industry

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