University of boys selling masks make the first pot of gold


Deng Xiaoping once said a word: whether it is a white cat or a black cat catches mice is a good cat, but it also applies to our life, regardless of employment or business, as long as you can realize their value of life can be.

lights just light up, Kunming university graduates Xiao Xia began working together. While on the ground of goods, while loudly shouting, "look, there is no love with a." Small summer, do not look at the stall, but the bag placed is very particular, including color, size are arranged regularly.

said this two years of experience with Liantan, small summer. "Although encountered a lot of difficulties, but gained a lot of valuable experience for the future of their own business to do some preparation." Small summer said, just out of school soon, so selling things are all good conscience call prices, will not deceive students. However, let the small summer are more worried than not sell a good price is not updated with styles of seasons or other reasons, it is easy to cause pressure due to illiquidity of goods.

20 scarf on the arm to sell more than

have family, selling a computer, promotional beverage as amateur models, graduated from college last year, boys Yixin has changed more than four or five job recommendation

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