Changsha hi tech Zone to create super public space


is now the society is an entrepreneurial society, local governments have to create suitable for social development of the business platform, has a good business platform, is the first step in the successful business people, Changsha hi tech Zone to build a good public record space.

9 month, the Tencent multi-creation space officially settled in lugu. On the platform, including account system, social relations chain, the ability to pay, cloud computing and other resources have been opened to Tencent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to provide one-stop service.

the introduction of Tencent, is a high-tech zones focus on innovation driven, build on all open innovation of entrepreneurs "super multi-creation space", a silhouette of constructing "public entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem. "The momentum of development of the mobile Internet industry rapidly, the total number of enterprises exceeded 1000, there are 2 enterprises for the average daily." Changsha Information Industry Park, the relevant person in charge.

"training" off the record. High tech Zone for all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurial willingness and conditions of the development of training, a monthly free training courses, including human resources, legal, financial, marketing, business management, etc..

"financial support". The park was established first in science and technology branch, the province’s first pure credit of the intellectual property rights pledge, carry out the "unified credit system also launched the province’s first" wholesale credit; Angel Fund, set up funds for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the province’s first talent fund, to guide the scientific and technological achievements into the fund fund, etc.; build a science and technology finance building, financial service centers, small and medium enterprise equity exchange and technology property exchange, the introduction of various types of investment and financing services more than and 300, a total of about 10000000000 yuan for the enterprise to provide financial support.

the Changsha to create a public record space, is very helpful to promote a new round of business activities, will also give some local entrepreneurs to bring some new business opportunities, and ultimately promote the development of local society and economy.


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