nternet enterprise talent flow report released before the re employment


in recent years, the number of China Internet Corporation experienced an explosive growth. The recent news that entrepreneurs face a wide range of cold, many start-up companies before the leaders and executives began to line up the job queue. Entrepreneurship should be more rational.

winter capital, what happened with the talent flow direction of capital in parallel, business circle of people doing all right? The day before yesterday, the recruitment of APP BOSS direct hire issued a report on the trend of Internet companies talent flow. The report shows that the start-up company financing difficulties, the survival of the pressure, so that the choice of job seekers more cautious, lower liquidity.

for startups, money is the lifeblood. The arrival of the arrival of the capital of the winter to greatly increase the difficulty of financing, as of November this year, at least 57 companies established less than 2 years of Internet companies have been closed. Among them, fell in the three or four quarter of this year accounted for the total number of companies accounted for 69%. In these do not live to 2 year old start-up companies, there are only about 69% of the enterprises to get the seed round of financing, the company did not even melt into the money of 1 cents in.

winter capital and the arrival of arduous pioneering road for many executives re embarked on a job. Since the beginning of June this year, was the founder of a start-up company, partner or VP level executives, the number of job seekers began to rise.

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