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said snacks can not eat, are junk food, eat a little good for the body is not. But what about greedy mouth? What can break this contradiction, small can only tell you that to solve the conflict between the non cooked food is. Cooked food is a lot of people love to eat, whether it is as a snack or dishes, are a good choice. In the cooked food is cooked stewed Xian of the elite, tasty and delicious, but not greasy oil, entrance. The product is rich in vitamins, help the health.

halogen fairy cooked food brand story

in the year 956, after weeks of Shizong Zheng Huainan, ordered general Zhao Kuangyin rate soldiers rush attack the (Shouxian County today). The garrison to resist, fierce fighting, Zhao Kuangyin Jiugong, almost missed the plane. After nine months of siege of the war, Zhao Kuangyin finally scored in Shouxian County. Because of overwork, Zhao Kuangyin for several days, the water meter is hard, anxious army soldiers. When a local experienced Shaw chef painstaking developed a dish, spicy duck dish etc, combined with the taste taste with forty kinds of rare medicinal materials, such as Kawa Mirei, eucommia, acanthopanax bark, aloes, cloves and other spices, the long suffering made secret recipe plus a variety of spices recipe pickled, golden color, fragrance, taste crisp and tender, feed into meat, fragrant entrance into the heart, salty spicy fresh, strange fragrance overflowing, after eating and aroma, aroma lingers with a few hundred meters, liver qi, blood stasis, appetizers, stomach cough efficacy raise interest frightened.

Zhao Kuangyin after eating, appetite, body have increased strength, recovered quickly, also led the army has continuously played a few big victories. Later, Zhao Kuangyin emperor, when the Song Dynasty emperor, from time to time about a total war Nantang, ordinary spicy duck of Tougu only sleep, "the taste should only be the sky, where the world’s tasted". Then the cook in the palace, called the "chef". And given the title of "halogen cents".

halogen Xian cooked food brand features:

halogen cents cooked after thousands of years of inheritance, won the domestic and foreign consumers love. Now, the twenty-seventh generation descendant of Mr. Shao Junhui in the inheritance and carry forward based on ancestral craft, keep pace with the times, innovation, the development of fragrance of chicken, lotus chicken and other products, more suitable for the tastes of modern products and create a comfortable! Only belong to their huge business opportunities, set off a new round of entrepreneurship craze in the country.

halogen fairy join support policies:

1, authorized brand support: authorized the use of halogen cooked food brand;

2, technical support: a full range of free training, new production >

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