Electric car battery ten brands list


electric car has become a very popular means of transport, in the current market, however, want to make this tool really used by more consumers, better play the role of nature, but also need better batteries as support. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of electric car batteries, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the market.

now on the vast majority of electric vehicles are equipped with lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries because of low cost, high cost performance. In 1860, the French plante invented electrode with lead battery. The unique feature of this battery is that when the battery is used for a period of time after the voltage drop, it can be used to reverse the current, so that the battery voltage rise. Because the battery can be charged, can be used repeatedly, so called it "lead-acid batteries".

lightweight electric vehicle has become a common means of transport, but what was the best time of electric vehicle battery charging, the charging time of electric vehicle battery is what the best? When the electric car is not charged? When the rest of the electricity charge? Or irregular filling? These are undesirable, electric car charging depends on the case of the battery may be, at any time charge, high pressure charging, fast charging, etc..

battery ten brand list: NO.1 day (founded in 1986, Zhejiang province famous brand products, Asia’s top 500 brands, well-known enterprises, Chinese battery industry of high-tech enterprises, Tianneng battery group Co., Ltd.)

battery ten brand list: NO.2 CHILWEE (battery amd ten brands, Zhejiang famous trademarks, high-tech enterprises, involved in the development of industry standards, the lead-acid battery industry well-known brands, Chaowei Power Co. Ltd)

battery ten brand list: NO.3 (Haibao battery industry more well-known brands, is committed to professional development of the battery industry manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai High Power Company Limited)

battery ten brand list: NO.4 (Xingheng Lenovo holdings, one of the domestic big power lithium battery enterprises first " automotive lithium ion battery " industrialization demonstration project, Suzhou PHYLION Battery Co. Ltd.)

battery ten brand list: NO.5 YAHENG (Yaheng famous trademark in Fujian Province, Fujian province famous brand products in Fujian Province, one of the larger electric car battery manufacturer, Fujian power Yaheng Technology Group Limited)

electric car battery ten brands list NO.6: Nandu Narada (high)

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