How about the market Hot pot


said the hot pot shop opened a good prospect, running a hot pot restaurant exactly how? Can not make money? This is a lot of investors want to join the hot pot shops will have some questions. Hot pot in the catering market share of how much? Look at the following data analysis you know:

according to statistics Chinese Cuisine Association, the first half of this year the whole society catering industry turnover of 264 billion 960 million yuan, this year is expected to reach 570 billion yuan, of which 1/3 credit from the national Hot pot Hot pot, a year income 200 billion yuan. While in the first half of Chengdu’s food and beverage industry revenue, hot pot accounted for about half of the revenue.

Compared with the long history of

and Sichuan, the grandchildren of Chengdu Hot pot". But reporters view, Chengdu is still the most likely Hot pot the riches of the industry, although it really travels only 20 years history. Perhaps you are still an ordinary people today, once the hot pot shop owner, Paul is not allowed to the next upstart is you.

today, almost any wage earners dare to walk into a meal Hot pot shop. Chuanchuan Xiang to 30 yuan per person can be fun; medium Hot pot dishes 40 yuan, per capita consumption; moderate consumption of meat dishes per kilogram 15 yuan. 90% Hot pot water wine per capita consumption is about 60 – 70 yuan, and the per capita consumption of cattle family Hot pot shops also that only about 40 yuan, and definitely eat very happy.

– Hot pot also have their own cultural soul

is a popular Hot pot variety, but also be in good taste. Now, the Hot pot brand shop has been developed to reach the peak of perfection. Cow two Hot pot spend a lot of money and effort to build a unique theme Hot pot shop, completely the farming culture and Hot pot culture together; from the environment to eat is to create the concept of fashion and unique. Simple and simple decoration can lead diners feel the natural atmosphere, there is no luxury decoration to bring a sense of oppression, which can release their most real emotions and nature.

– "hot industry chain"

Sichuan hot pot can quickly burn all over the country, the most powerful way is to join the chain".

now, hot pot chain fashion is both fashionable and effective, a lot of pot shops within a year can reach the size of the chain of twenty or thirty stores. It is understood that, although the two short time opened cattle; but in all parts of the country has a number of stores in Panzhihua and Luding; the western regions have a high partial cattle Hot pot stores, high permeability cattle brand Hot pot is very powerful.

last year, investors across the country have joined the search for the object to chengdu. It is understood that the hot pot restaurant chain to open their own brand, technology, raw materials

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