What do you make the most money in 2012 2012 what is the most promising project


there is a month’s time, the history of the clock will go to 2012. According to the forecast, 2012 is a disaster day. Of course, from the current point of view, these are It is sheer fiction. But there are a few small projects, in 2012 is really a big outbreak. What do you make the most money in 2012? 2012 what is the most promising project? Follow the small series to see a few such projects.


Analysis of

project, a home appliance cleaning housekeeper http://s.www.shang360.com/item/25756/



project two, Tobikage guest 5D cinema http://s.www.shang360.com/item/30628/


Analysis of

project in three, Glyn’s fairy tale http://s.www.shang360.com/item/29928/


Analysis of

project, four popular garden accessories http://s.www.shang360.com/item/29455/

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