Shop signs can not arbitrarily change


many people excitedly after seeing a familiar store in the shopping, but when the buy get the invoice found, this shop is not the original shop, not a shop. Generally small amount of shopping fortunately, if it is a large amount, or directly related to the quality of products, which will lead to a lot of people fooled. So, can not arbitrarily change the name signs.

My name is

"look for the signs, so stick to the shop to buy office supplies, who can think of this supermarket name was not reliable!" Recently, Mr. Chen bought three hundred or four hundred yuan worth of office supplies in Ningbo Jiangbei supermarket, he excitedly took the invoice to the company, but found that the "Tesco" non "Tesco supermarket" everyone for having heard it many times.

"I name the sign is written in Tesco, employees to wear uniforms with" Tesco ", how to become a self-employed?" When Mr. Chen came to the shop carefully examined again, only to find the store hanging on the business license is clearly "individual business license, the registered name of" Ningbo city Yingshan Tesco supermarket".

in fact, this in its name the operator is not in the minority. At the beginning of November, Xiangshan city of industry and Commerce Dan special regard to carry out market research, found that the area had a considerable number of households have name signs and registration name does not match the situation, such as a grocery store on the business license registration name for "good", but the signs became a "good" home "; farmers" into a "house of people", "hospitality" has become a "quick"……

if these shop signs can find the relevant text in the business license, it is located in Ningbo Baizhang East Road, a company called "Jiangsu Hong cream crab store" is a sign of change in the end.

recently, Jiangsu Hong ointment crabs Co. Ltd. is located in Ningbo’s marketing department found someone with a printed coupon extraction Jiangsu Hong cream crabs "to pick up the goods. Person in charge of the store carefully examined extraction coupons found that cover tickets on the seal and not the regular manufacturers seal, suspected counterfeit their name fraud, then to Jiangdong Branch Trade and industry report.

after investigation, the inspectors quickly locked in Ningbo baizhangdong road named "Jiangsu Hong cream crab store". Further verified, the inspectors found that the store business license suspension of the registration on the name "Ningbo River Donghong Chen Teng Xing aquatic shop, and shop signs of" Jiangsu Hong cream crab store "no association.

name on the so-called "store" is added to the boss, there is no formal authorization; in addition, some sources of the shop the sales of crabs is also very suspicious, the seller did not take the procedures to complete the purchase certificate. At present, the store has been ordered to close the store stop >

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